Thursday, May 21, 2015

P52~Weeks 19 and 20

Phew...the busier things are around here the harder is is to keep up with my fun little things!!!  Not complaining though!!  :)   We've had Katie's birthday, Pops Concert at school, tennis practice/games and the recital and all the rehearsals that go along with that.  I love it all!!!

So I'm a week behind in my posting my P52 shots.  Week 19 was Architecture.  I thought UGH...what the heck and I going to find in my little town to photograph.  WELL...I stand corrected!!!  I loved this particular week!!!  I wish I had had more time to really sink my teeth into the topic.  I gave myself about 20 minutes and went to Central St. and really stopped and looked around.  When do you ever have the chance to stop and take in your surroundings?   Here's what I found...

I think this one below is my favorite!!!

I am going to try and schedule some time to walk around find some more cool architecture to photograph.  Who would have thought I'd love that...I hated my architecture class I took in college!!

Ok...Week 20 was Photographer's Choice.  I have been keeping a notebook with some ideas of photos or techniques I'd like to try.  So when these weeks come up I look at that list and pick something.  I've wanting to try a glitter blowing has Katie.   It took a couple of tries but SO happy with the end result!!!  I love it and so does she!!! 
My glitter girl!!! :)

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