Thursday, July 9, 2015

Happy Summer!!!

Wow!!! It's been over a month since my last post...whoopsie!  Life got real busy...end of school, new job for me, lots of photo shoots...all great stuff which makes for way less time for the fun stuff!!

Ok so I've just been trying to play a little catch up with my P52 project.  I left off on week 22.  We are now on week 28.  Here are weeks 23-26...

Week 23:  Deliberate Out of Focus
This week was the 5th anniversary of my sister's passing so "out of focus" was totally appropriate for me since that's how I was feeling!!

Week 24:  Monochrome (means one color)

Week 25:  Mulligan
We are at the 1/2 way point in the year (YIKES) and we were able to have a "do over" for a week we have already done.  Whether it was a week we really enjoyed or a week we wanted to work on a little more.  I choose the "Deliberate Out of Focus" week.  Here is Katie leaping in the yard.  I thought this came out pretty good.  I tried to focus on her while moving with her creating the blurred background.

Week 26:  Photographer's Choice
Katie is always a willing subject so we took a few more while she was leaping in the side yard.  This would be a good example of Negative Space.

That's all for now!!  I'll get back to all that catching up!!
Hope you are enjoying your summer!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Project Life ~ April 2014

Here's a little Project Life inspiration for you on this rainy yucky day!!!  This is the month of April from 2014.  It was a pretty busy month for us!!  But all fun!!  I am currently working on July of last year.  I hoping to do a little catching up with my PL soon.  These rainy days will definitely help...that's for sure!!

Here is the first 2 pages 12x12 each...

These are the next pages the left 2/3 is a 12x12 and the right 1/3 is a 6x12.

These are the final pages for 4/14.  The left 1/3 is a 6x12 that backs up to the 6x12 above.  Then the right 2/3 is a 12x12.  

There you have it...April 2014.  I haven't printed these out yet...but I'm looking forward to seeing them in our album!!!

Monday, June 1, 2015

P52 weeks 21 and 22

Welcome to June!!!  Unfortunately it feels more like March...chilly, rainy and yucky.  :(
So here I am playing a little catch up on my P52.  Week 21 was Still Life...
The rules here were:
-mostly/completely inanimate matter
-more than one item in the image
-very controlled composition

My 1st attempt was some of my seaglass collection.  I LOVE seaglass.  That is one of my favorite parts about going to the beach...walking and searching for seaglass!!

I wasn't totally loving this for my submission so I brainstormed some more...

I have been walking A LOT now that we (usually) have nice weather.  Here are the things that are a must for my walks.

Week 22 was Abstract.  I love looking at abstract photography.  I find them very intriguing and beautiful!!  My uncle (and mentor) suggested I try a vinegar and oil photo.  Very fun!! 

There you go...all caught up (with P52 anyway)!!  Stay tuned for some Project Life catching up!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Project Life...March 2014

Hope you all enjoyed the "unoffical start of summer" this past weekend along with taking a moment to be thankful for all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for us to live in the beautiful USA.

Not that March has anything to do with the start of summer but March of 2014 is where I have left off with my Project Life sharing.  So below is the left page.  The left 2/3 is the 12x12 and the right 1/3 is a 6x12.

The next image is the right page.  The left 1/3 is the 6x12 that would back up to the 6x12 above and the right 2/3 is the 12x12.

Have a great day!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

P52~Weeks 19 and 20

Phew...the busier things are around here the harder is is to keep up with my fun little things!!!  Not complaining though!!  :)   We've had Katie's birthday, Pops Concert at school, tennis practice/games and the recital and all the rehearsals that go along with that.  I love it all!!!

So I'm a week behind in my posting my P52 shots.  Week 19 was Architecture.  I thought UGH...what the heck and I going to find in my little town to photograph.  WELL...I stand corrected!!!  I loved this particular week!!!  I wish I had had more time to really sink my teeth into the topic.  I gave myself about 20 minutes and went to Central St. and really stopped and looked around.  When do you ever have the chance to stop and take in your surroundings?   Here's what I found...

I think this one below is my favorite!!!

I am going to try and schedule some time to walk around find some more cool architecture to photograph.  Who would have thought I'd love that...I hated my architecture class I took in college!!

Ok...Week 20 was Photographer's Choice.  I have been keeping a notebook with some ideas of photos or techniques I'd like to try.  So when these weeks come up I look at that list and pick something.  I've wanting to try a glitter blowing has Katie.   It took a couple of tries but SO happy with the end result!!!  I love it and so does she!!! 
My glitter girl!!! :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Project Life ~ Back at it!!!

Happy Tuesday!!!  It's a gloomy day perfect to get back at it with my Project Life, right?!?!
So I figured out that I had left off here on the blog with January 2014.  So here we have February 2014!  I am showing them a little different than how you'd see them in my album.  Here they are 12x18.  In my album the first page you see here would be split 2/3 and 1/3 = 12x12 page on the left hand side and then 6x12 on the right side.
Then... the next page you see here would be split 1/3 and 2/3 = 6x12 page backing up to the 1st 6x12 and then the final 12x12 on the right hand side.  Works for me!!

More Project Life layouts to come!!!  Also last week's P52!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

P52 Week 18

Week 18 was Landscape and Nature...
Nature with little to no human activity or presence of any sort.  This past weekend was REALLY busy with the school play.  So I sort of went with what was in front of me.  Trees are blooming like crazy around here!  I love trees in bloom against the super blue sky.  Here you have it...

We were at Stonehill College for a memorial Mass for my sister.  I loved this sidewalk lined with trees and their buds and the lampposts.  I could have done without the cars parked in the background but sometimes you just have to go with it and embrace those things...

I do love the ombre sky in this one though.  I guess that makes up for the cars ;)

Hoping to post some Project Life pages I have been working on very soon...stay tuned!!
Enjoy this gorgeous weather out there!!!