Thursday, July 9, 2015

Happy Summer!!!

Wow!!! It's been over a month since my last post...whoopsie!  Life got real busy...end of school, new job for me, lots of photo shoots...all great stuff which makes for way less time for the fun stuff!!

Ok so I've just been trying to play a little catch up with my P52 project.  I left off on week 22.  We are now on week 28.  Here are weeks 23-26...

Week 23:  Deliberate Out of Focus
This week was the 5th anniversary of my sister's passing so "out of focus" was totally appropriate for me since that's how I was feeling!!

Week 24:  Monochrome (means one color)

Week 25:  Mulligan
We are at the 1/2 way point in the year (YIKES) and we were able to have a "do over" for a week we have already done.  Whether it was a week we really enjoyed or a week we wanted to work on a little more.  I choose the "Deliberate Out of Focus" week.  Here is Katie leaping in the yard.  I thought this came out pretty good.  I tried to focus on her while moving with her creating the blurred background.

Week 26:  Photographer's Choice
Katie is always a willing subject so we took a few more while she was leaping in the side yard.  This would be a good example of Negative Space.

That's all for now!!  I'll get back to all that catching up!!
Hope you are enjoying your summer!!

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