Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Project Life ~ April 2014

Here's a little Project Life inspiration for you on this rainy yucky day!!!  This is the month of April from 2014.  It was a pretty busy month for us!!  But all fun!!  I am currently working on July of last year.  I hoping to do a little catching up with my PL soon.  These rainy days will definitely help...that's for sure!!

Here is the first 2 pages 12x12 each...

These are the next pages the left 2/3 is a 12x12 and the right 1/3 is a 6x12.

These are the final pages for 4/14.  The left 1/3 is a 6x12 that backs up to the 6x12 above.  Then the right 2/3 is a 12x12.  

There you have it...April 2014.  I haven't printed these out yet...but I'm looking forward to seeing them in our album!!!

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